Germantown, TN Real Estate and Community Information

Germantown, TN: A Great Place to Call Home

Situated on the southeast side of Memphis, Germantown offers a fantastic community for families and people looking for a top quality place to live. With fine restaurants, great schools, and a low crime rate, Germantown is a place that is a wonderful place to call home. Also the community features a wide variety of housing types, ranging from small apartments to luxurious mansions that have every amenity one could want. So if you're looking for a community that is just a great place to call home, consider looking at what Germantown has to offer.

One factor that really makes Germantown a great place to consider living is the fact that the community has some of the finest schools found anywhere in Tennessee. The Germantown Municipal School District has consistently earned some of the highest ACT scores of any school district in Tennessee and has been awarded the Exemplary District Award from the Tennessee Department of Education. In addition to having great public educational facilities, Germantown also boasts a number of award-winning private educational institutions. So whether you are looking for a top-notch public school or are looking for a college preparatory private school, Germantown has educational institutions that will provide some of the finest education available anywhere in Tennessee.

Besides having great educational opportunities for families, Germantown is also a wonderful community because it has excellent shopping opportunities. The Shops of Saddle Creek offer a wide variety of shopping options. With shops like Ann Taylor and Williams Sonoma and restaurants like Yia Yias Eurocafe, The Shops of Saddle Creek offer one of the finest open-air mall shopping experiences to be found anywhere in Tennessee. Simply put, this venue has something that everyone is sure to love and is one of the things that makes Germantown a great place to live.

On top of having great education and shopping opportunities, Germantown has 20 different parks that provide a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. These parks offer wonderful features like playgrounds, fitness trails, ball fields, fishing lakes, and a whole host of other opportunities to enjoy nature. The best part is that all of these amenities are offered for absolutely free. That makes Germantown a great place to live because there is never a shortage for something to do and enjoy with friends and family.

So when you want to check out what Germantown really has to offer in its amenities as a community as well as its variety of housing types, contact Silvana Piadade. She will be happy to help you find not only the right home for you and your family, but she will also help you fit into the community by helping you to find the perfect neighborhood that has all of the amenities you are looking for. Consider giving her a call today and see for yourself just how great living in Germantown, TN can be.
Silvana Piadade
Silvana Piadade